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signature alert westbound somersville left lane blocked get off at a get back on at 10th past the scene it is a good drive into pittsburg and concord. problem in the central valley, big jam up on 580 west near patterson pass looking at your traffic waze app very slow westbound from 132 you want to stay on i-5 take 205. eastbound they had to land a medical helicopter that has been lifted off and eastbound is open but a "sig alert" exists patterson pass westbound 580. >>> following breaking news out of daly city, water main break forcing evacuations happen clayton court near hillside park where we find amy hollyfield with the latest on the mess. >> reporter: what i'm standing in front of is gross and a big deal. this isn't even the half of it. you've got to see the pictures we have on tape they blow this away. look at all this mud that has come gushing into this neighborhood it has impacted cars, blocked streets, there's a wall of mud on one of the blocks so high we can't drive our trucks through so we can't get to the source of the problem. we were told when one of the water officials ar
development. westbound commute on 80 into san francisco is headache right now with a big accident on the bay bridge. >> kristen: latest from sue hall. there are a couple of stalls. >> it's been a bad commute. traveling on 80. this bay bridge incline section, five car accident blocking two right lanes. bumper-to-bumper past the toll plaza. that looks like it will be sometime before it is cleared. metering lights are already on and has been on about 10-15 minutes. that towards the macarthur maze. bart if you have to take the commute is best bet this morning because that traveling through 80 is just a nightmare. sig alert just lifted but looks like a new stall in the same area. 80 at westbound is very slow. here is exclusive waze app, red lines on the bay bridge, we saw the live shot. very heavy traffic here. once again, bart is your best alternate. it is really jammed right now. download this app or at google play and we'll check on the accident incline westbound bay bridge try to avoid if you can. >> let's start with live doppler we have one lone shower pulling away from whipple road heading
here and very light traffic at this hour heading into san francisco. road work in the westbound direction on the two right lanes will be picked up. macarthur maze, no delays here. eastbound 4 at leverage, freeway closed for half an hour. westbound still a very nice drive. >> kristen: breaking news. hostess the maker of twinkies saying it is closing plants nationwide in the middle of an employee strike. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. hostess has a plant here in the bay area. >> yes. in oakland, we know those workers have been on strike. we don't know what this could mean for the bakery but hostess is closing up shop. they are blaming the strike. ceo says they will move promptly to lay off the 18,500 employees and highest bidders. hostess gave them a deadline on wednesday if a sufficient number of them did not return to work last night the company would be forced to shut down and workers did not show up. the strike began back on november 9th when they imposed a contract that would cut wages by 8%. they said it would have cut benefits by 27-32%. union president is saying t
, early morning no problems on the east or westbound span. golden gate bridge quiet no roadwork, no fog, clear, no delays if you are traveling southbound into san francisco. we have a nice drive if you are heading towards antioch, under 15 minutes now from antioch in the westbound direction. eastbound 580 roadwork until 11:00 this morning. westbound drive is looking good. >>> san jose police hope a reward will help entice the community to help them catch a second robber in a violent crime spree that killed an innocent bystander and injured an officer. kira klapper is at the san jose police department. >> reporter: good morning. the police officers association is offering a $10,000 reward, hoping someone can lead them to the accomplice of jonathan wilbanks together they went on a violent crime spree he's already under arrest, police are looking for his partner crime. they don't have a name or description both were said to be wearing ski masks. it began before 7:30 friday night when they robbed a little caesar's on story road, then a gas station, an hour after that a jack-in-the-box. poli
into the city, coming from oakland. this is westbound. traffic moving around it okay. be aware that you cannot exit on to treasure island. officials realize that traffic is okay now but the commute hours are coming, they realize this could change. here's why this is happening. police are trying to stop a man at bush street they were told he was armed, this was in san francisco, they say he took off. while he was trying to escape, he shot at the police officers at least once. they followed him to treasure island. they say he jumped out of his car and now he's threatening suicide. police say he's on the shoreline in treasure island, before the guard booth before that vista area if you have been to the island you know what area i'm speaking about. they say it is too dangerous to let people in and out they are afraid he might fire. right now fresh island is on lockdown, no one allowed in or off, people live on treasure island so this is causing an inconvenience that will only get larger as the morning progresses and people need to get somewhere. i spoke with a man stuck in the city with his two ro
up toward lincoln central san rafael flight through northern and southern marin westbound 580 past north livermore accident you can see red sensors in between, slowing past the scene there. north 880 ramp to montague san jose that ramp is blocked with an accident. new accident the rain through the san ramon tri-valley area north 680 at treat. >>> police trying to determine if weather played any role in a halloween accident involving two children. they were trick-or-treating in the rain and hit by a car in santa rosa. police say adults tried to stop the children from entering a crosswalk and running into the path of the car. 4-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy were hit. they are expected to recover. the driver is cooperating with police. >>> there will be help available today for south bay homeowners having trouble paying mortgages. terry mcsweeney is at the convention center where lenders will be there today. >> reporter: hundreds of conslers and lenders are going to be here at -- convention center south hall 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. today same hours through monday. they have a grievance t
mateo bridge. westbound 92. now let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with overnight news from the east bay and the update to the story we first brought you last night. just a few hours ago authorities found the body of a man who fell to his death at the oakland quarry. alex savidge is live at the scene where the investigation is under way. alex. >> reporter: it certainly appears the wet weather played a role in this accident. the oakland fire department believes this man in all likelihood slipped and fell off a steep cliff and ended up drowning in this water filled rock quarry that is right behind the rock ridge shopping center. investigators say the man was out looking for his lost cat last night behind his house when he lost his footing. a rescue team from the oakland fire department began to search just after 7:00 last night after the man's friend reported him missing. rescuers put a boat into the water and repelled down the side of the cliff. eventually the alameda county sheriffs dive team began an under water search here. just before 1:00 in the morning divers found the
. there is an accident on the upper deck westbound. we believe that there may be too launcelot and several vehicles involved. you can say is already jammed up the traffic and it is backed up from the island all the way through to the metering lights. there is not a lot of movement here. it has not backed up the car pool lanes but that could happen if this crash is not get cleared. caltran stated that they're told trucks were dispatched but they are now stuck with the rest of the traffic. there are no shoulders on the bay bridge. this was an incident that occurred earlier upholstery and the rhineland was blocked by a big semi truck. he had dropped his shaft and several cars struck it due to flat tires. there's big delays for both for ways. >>let's talk more about a daly city. this is a big concern for people there. this hillside nearly washed away when we have this water main ruptured. let's go to kron4 as will tran. >>light rainfall this coming and it is pretty steady. it will pick up as the morning progresses. it is not too bad and that is why the hillside is safe. over the past couple of days cit
on westbound 50. one lane is blocked as you travel westbound. northbound 95, a new crash. close in the city at coldspring lane because of police activity. the rest of the major roadways are so far so good leading up to the beltway. no sign of any significant delays. westbound 50, watch for delays. southbound 295, we're seeing a buildup in volume down towards 32 as the lace start to form -- as delays start to form. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> ocean city is bracing for a nor'easter. lowell melser has the latest. >> we're back here in ocean city about a week after sandy. things will unfold at this morning and make things pretty interesting as far as flooding. we're at the southern end of ocean city. have had to move sand out onto the beach. officials said emergency personnel are closely monitoring the storm and will think about implementing an emergency plan later this morning. this storm will suspend rehabilitation work on the boardwalks and cleanup efforts including here at the inlaet. >> we have to halt some of our efforts. we're likely to see flooding in the downtown area. i
blocking once you get past that drive westbound 580 at the limit to the altamont up and over into the dublin pleasanton area "sig alert" in the ben lomond area santa cruz mountains highway 9 closed between upper and lower glen arbor accident has wires down in the road, outage in the area as well. debris north 101 shoreline boulevard cleared still slow there with cars with flat tires on the side of the road construction northbound 101 at kehoe through san mateo. a look at your waze app, 580 accident towards mountain house parkway slow traffic there with your traffic spotters this free app can help you navigate around accidents and jams. did i mention it is free? >> we have breaking news. daly city, right now water main break shutting down streets and flooding cars. that is in daly city's hillside park area. reports there's mud coming down the hill and questions raised over whether that water is coming from a reservoir nearby. there is some sort of flooding reported due to some possible water main break. we are getting more information we'll have more coming up with a crew head
sign advising to you slow down that's the best advice we have the new span to the right westbound direction before the tunnel rain is just a big problem this morning, flooding on the roadways and high winds back to several accidents that we have "sig alert" westbound 580 involving a big rig blocking all lanes early enough traffic is getting by, chp as a crew on the way expecting at least another half hour. first reports of another big rig accident at greenville westbound up towards woodside, 84 closed due to downed power lines between grand view and highway 35 north 101 flooding into petaluma area several problems with an accident near petaluma boulevard north peninsula very slow due to accident before whipple all of these accidents due to flooding in lanes. slow it down folks. >>> from power outages to dangerous driving to flood warnings south bay to the santa cruz mountains all being hit hard by this storm. kira klapper joins us live from los gatos many. -- >> reporter: luckily for my photographer the camera has to turn against the rain so it is hitting my photographer's back co
is traffic. >> and as a 580 in the westbound direction is that 44 minutes. an accident is at its final clearing. these lands have been blocked for way over our. it is slowing your drive. >> back to our team coverage of weather. >> for the most part we are having a bit of a break. i fell about one or two struggles. i do not think it will be more than that for the moment. we are catching a break right now people >> to children in santa rosa were hit by a car as it were out. a two year-old and a four year-old boy was walking and they were ahead of their parents when they were struck. they were taken to the hospital and their injuries are not life- threatening. this happened about 7:00 p.m. last night and the driver did stop and cooperate with police. >> about 3200 nurses in east bay are planning a one day strike today. they are protesting concessions and they said that this strike will be the sixth strike by the california nurses association. they stated that their contract has been under negotiation for about 80 months now.18 months now. >>a developing story the new york city subway is s
, high winds on most all of the spans this morning. three separate "sig alert"s now. first westbound 580 at 680 big rig blocking all lanes westbound except for the connector ramp you can get around traffic relatively light now we are happy there is some traffic getting by. you can see we are seeing slowing on the dublin grade past the scene of the accident. folks are taking their time. other "sig alert" in the cotati area 101 railroad avenue northbound pwhud slide blocking right lane -- mudslide blocking right lane this is near woodside highway 84 closed between grand view and highway 35, downed power line you cannot get through many millbrae area tree down on the freeway, chp en route to clear that out northbound 101 past millbrae avenue. >>> tens of thousands are without power in the bay area. more are watching potential flooding. the storm is unleashing heaviest rain and strongest winds. katie marzullo is live in the north bay. >> reporter: we are on miller avenue at camino alto near the safeway in mill valley, rain coming down hard at times at an angle many take a look at this massi
your free waze app, heading towards livermore, normal commute westbound is normal towards the altamont pass. eastbound jacknifed big rig blocks lanes at north greenville traffic spotters reporting standstill eastbound as you make your getaway towards i-5. second "sig alert" in san francisco southbound 280 before 101 former truck fire out still blocking lanes. third "sig alert" lifted, accident in san mateo south 101 past third in the clearing phases, just about out of there. >>> we are in the storm watch this morning as mentioned drivers are facing a soggy beginning to the thanksgiving holiday. live look from the bay bridge toll, cars lining up there, there is puddling there, you should be aware of that. we are facing slick roads this morning, video we shot earlier this morning on i-580, we don't have that video, there was more rain, trust us on that, chp has been busy, traffic moderate but riddled with problems like single car spin-outs and roll overs due to wet roads. amy hollyfield will have a live report, coming up in 30 minutes. >>> today's storm is expected to cause delays for tr
westbound due to the fog. this is a free app to help you all traffic cameras are fogged in at the app store or google play. >>> one form of traffic that will be heavy all day, web traffic this is cyber monday the big shopping day when online retailers pull out all stops to drive sales. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom. how will today compare to black friday? >> reporter: it is interesting, there's a huge gap. already five hours into cyber monday the deals began midnight, today is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. a lot has changed since cyber monday was created in 2005. the deals are still there, popular clothing brands, 30 to 40% off everything, tv, diamond erins, analysts expect a billion and a half online up 20% from last year only a fraction of the 59 billion dollars people spent in brick and mortar stores 0 the weekend. some are blaming technology. >> used to be we got to work monday, after thanksgiving, we had access to broadband to high speed internet that's where the deals were now that has chained. >> reporter: people have such tech -- technology
bridge. eastbound 580 north flynn, car fire on the shoulder, westbound drive out of the central valley good, westbound 4 big rig caught fire on the shoulder traffic out of antioch looking good at this hour. >>> the rain and winds are starting to pick up north bay residents are in the middle or the start of what will be a ponding from the storm. -- will be a pounding from the storm. amy hollyfield is in san rafael. >> reporter: not too bad, a little mist, a little drizzle, we had heavy raindrops around 4:30 so the streets are already wet there's a chilly wind here in san rafael. north bay is supposed to get hit hard that's why we are here we are going to keep an eye on it for you. yesterday people the day getting ready, several sandbag stations in the north bay, people took advantage of those, clearing out gutters, government officials say they tell us they feel prepared they will be watching carefully, especially day two and three of this storm. >> i believe the storms back-to-back could produce significant runoff. >> reporter: san -- san anselmo has had its fair share of flooding. the
biblical proportion this morning on the bay bridge westbound. it started in the 5:00 hour with backups. we have three accidents at the bay bridge. there is a big problem on the east shore freeway and that is the worst approach to the bridge. we will show you the easter freeway and the ride on 80 westbound. the drive times are 40 minutes from hercules to university avenue and another 33 to 38 minutes from there in the sand into san francisco. an hour and 20 minutes for what would usually be about 24 to 32 minute trip. big delays here all the way through the macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge is also have a this morning for a number of reasons and because a lot of people have been daily from interstate 82 highway 92. >> new this morning this is a disturbing story we're getting out of a laid off. a 65 year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint by a 14 year-old boy yesterday evening in front of a store. the stores on the 100 block of plaza drive. this boy forces the woman to drive to another location in the area of the head and broke parkway and highway 80. when they read their he beats her se
westbound 24 is a mess headed the other way. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, november 7th. this morning, the state of florida remains too close to call but president obama has more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win re- election. the race was called after the president captured several battleground states including ohio, colorado, wisconsin and iowa. [ cheers ] >> thousands of supporters cheered as the president, first lady and their two daughters emerged at the victory party. >> while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> president obama and his family spent the in chicago. >>> mitt romney made his concession speech just after midnight. romney said he and paul ryan gave everything they had to the campaign. >> i so wish i had been able to fulfill the hopes to lead the country in a different d
for the afternoon. >>> looking good from the carquinez bridge into the macarthur maze 80 westbound a little busier, still just about 20 minutes between those two points traffic looks like it is flowing nicely no metering lights light minor delay paying cash on both sides of the tolls. oakland east 980 at 580 first reports of stall blocking right lane, napa 121 at 29 overturned vehicle blocking a lane there as well. >>> >> 6:01. operation impact is underway in oakland which puts highway patrol officers on the streets to help out the short staffed oakland police department. terry mcsweeney is at the substation to tell us how the first night went. >> reporter: this is where chp officers reported for duty last night. it is having an impact, a number of arrests, several cars impounded by chp officers on the streets of oakland. when the officers reported at 7:00 last night it took 30 minutes before there was a violent crime. look at video of the grocery outlet on 2900 broadway a man with a gun robbed the place customers were inside at the time, a customer called in that crime that is what police are hop
in the pittsburgh area, those headlights are westbound as you drive to 680 in concord. no delays aas of yet. here is steve. >>> thank you very much. our system is moving on shore as advertised. the rain is picking up especially towards the north bay and we have wind and rain picking up and most of the heavy rain is still on and off shore right now. things are picking up in the north bay and it looks like it is about over for them and it is beginning to really start to intensify and our front still has a ways to go but it is a fast moving system which is not going to stall out. up towards clover dale and lake county, things are beginning to light up and rushing river, not too bad. nothing too heavy, and in marin county, it is starting to move on shore so there is a little bit of an enhancement so out to the east bay this has been light. reports of rain are starting in capitoa but it is later than sooner when they will get the bulk of this but everybody is in on this. rain is picking up at half-moon bay airport and by 11:00 and noon this system is gone blasting through. by 8:00, and 9:00 it is mo
of westbound 580 are shut down. elizabeth wenger is ready for a busy day, another one, in the traffic center. >> our twitter is already lighting up. this seems to be our biggest hotspot out there right now. the road are slick, it is windy as lawrence said, and, yes, all lanes of westbound 580 shut down right now. this is a live look close to the dublin interchange. you can see the flashing lights so that westbound traffic is squeezing by on the shoulder. but we got brake lights as far back as livermore. earlier traffic alerts on 101 leaving san francisco is cleared. but we are seeing new problems pop up. towards the bay bridge toll plaza, it's pretty windy. we can already see some ponding especially in the middle lanes. that's where it tends to gather, the fastrak lanes. right now no big delays heading into san francisco but take it extra careful on a lot of bay area bridges, a lot of wind advisories in effect. otherwise, coming up northbound towards cotati there is a smaller mud slide approaching railroad avenue and look at our cameras moving back and forth this morning a live look at the n
is covering this. westbound 580 was completely shut down for two hours. the chp estimate is 6:00 a.m. and there were able to get the lines open. >> this is solid red on the roadway and will soon man so that you can see this piece from some of the drivers. there is 3 mi. per hour drive for the west of cars. you this see that it is quite jammed up here. the back of reach all the way into the alta mount pass way. adjutancy 84 leading down to the pigeon pass way it was backed up and many people bailed out in this direction. all lanes are open here but a another problem developed. it is here at the bay bridge westbound. if you're looking at the upper deck and what to do not see is the lights that are along the suspension span. the lights are out on the bridge and the toll sergeant stated that all of their lights are out. >> i understand that fasttrack is still working. i spoke with caltran and asks them what would happen if the metering lights are not activated. the metering lights are not on right now but will they have any power to turn the morning? if they're not then you may have a
this morning due to water main breaks. here is one on pulaski highway at the haten memorial bridge. westbound lanes are closed. you may want to avoid it altogether and take 95 as an alternate. watch for closures along york road and cold spring due to water main breaks from yesterday. wilkens avenue closed for ongoing road work. we are doing pretty well with drive times at the moment. 10 minutes to travel south of 95 from the beltway to 32. to and from cecil county, so far so good. take this as your alternate to westbound rte. 40. you can see here at the haten memorial bridge, all westbound lanes remain closed. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning as he travels through northeast baltimore, two water main breaks has two roads impassible this morning. >> they are hoping the one on cold spring will be fixed in the next couple of days but this one on new york road could be trickier. we have been watching a bulldozer go deep into a hole pulling out concrete and dirt -- the first one broke on cold spring lane early during the morning rush. just about 1 mile and
the our abc 7 waze app, one of the tougher commutes this morning out of the central valley westbound 580 slow and go up and over the altamont pass into the dublin-pleasanton area. if you would like to navigate around download this app, it is free, available on the app store and google play. >>> still ahead, t-shirt that got a lot of attention at the giants' victory celebration. >>> also, suspected drug smugglers who didn't let a border fence stop them from trying to make a crossing. >>> first highlights from the giants' victory celebration. >>> good news for most of the bay area steadier, heavier moving into the eastern sections of contra costa, alameda, santa clara, santa cruz mountains and monterey bay going to continue to slide south and east away trust. rain and mountain snow northeast all airports open there warm weather around dallas, 50s around seattle and portland, flight arrival delays just announced into sfo, nearly 70 minutes. >>> the sun will come out tomorrow. today on katie one of the most be loved musicals of all time annie is back. katie sits down with the new broadway ca
a lane, westbound sounds like there's a duplicate accident westbound that one on the shoulder. expect delays out of antioch, 20 minute ride from hillcrest towards 242. good news in oakland southbound 880 at high, injury accident cleared out of lanes traffic should be getting by without delay. >>> we continue to follow breaking news out of redwood city where a water main break is flooding streets and two hopes near brewster avenue and warren, in the downtown area near the san mateo county government center. hopefully, that will be cleaned up as workers begin to show up in a few hours. crews are using pumps to remove water from the base s of two hopes. police are diverting traffic -- around that area which can get busy. fire officials tell us the water came from an eight inmain, most of the water ended up gushing into the -- storm drains, water service shutdown to some homes. >>> striking union employees at the port of oakland are continuing their 24 demonstration phase one started last night at oakland airport. as amy hollyfield tells us, phase two is getting underway what is going on?
:00 in the morning. we are on the upper deck, this is westbound traffic, you can see an officer there see those red flares? that's where the officer is blocking the ramp to treasure island. treasure island is on lock down, no one allowed on or off. this is because police are dealing with a man who is averaged and threatening suicide. police say he's already fired his gun once at police. officers are worried he will do it again and could hurt someone. they've got him sectioned off on treasure island at the shoreline at vista point before that guard house as you pull on to the island. police don't want anyone diving past him, they say it is too dangerous. they say he -- has already led police on a high speed chase and fired at them. there are 50 people in san francisco trying to get home to treasure island. they say the red cross is working with them and trying to help them find a place to go they need shelter, food, they are not allowed to go to their homes. police tell me they are aware people will be getting up and they are going to need to leave the island and get to work, they are considering op
drive on 880 westbound and that means we will going to be there where you don't expect them. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, light in san francisco, in major problems if up to highway 17, at 4:30 hello steve. >> i turned it off at quarter after. >> well, it was donement thank you. and the wind has cranked up and and they say livermore and 48 and they have a northeast wind so most locations have a southerly breeze. 58 mountain view, 58 and that will and it is coming up from the south and as you spoke about it, there are no reports from lake county and it is starting to define itself and it looks like it will blast through quickly and for some it will not be overnight tonight. and the north bay could see one to two inches out of this and we have rain for parts of the north bay and you have rain and i saw one place that had low 60s. range tonight, then it is out of here and when the reign die down and it will be dry as we go into the weekend. >> thanks, steve. >>> a yearly rememberance, a convicted killer told police and we will have the bay area threat on bay area roads, stay tun
repaving project continues past strawberry shopping center north towards cortamadera. westbound 580 at north livermore car fire at the exit out of the freeway lanes. >>> today is election day. americans will choose a president after the candidates campaign for a long hard year and a half mr. obama is in chicago after ending his campaign with a rally in iowa the state that jumpstarted his first presidential bid. he did satellite interviews no more rallies. in contrast, mitt romney is pushing his quest for the presidency to the very last minute. he rallied before supporters last night in new hampshire the state that went for him in the primaries and up for grabs. romney will vote in boston in an unusual move, he will fly to cleveland and pittsburgh to make a final appeal to working-class voters. >> vice president biden cast his ballot in delaware where he just voted with his wife. just like everybody else, the vice president stood in line for about 20 minutes, chatting it up with other voters. last night he made final pleas in virginia. >> national polls still tight, outcome of the pr
, everybody. where did the time go? it's almost the end of 2012. the traffic on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze no major problems as you drive out to the mccarthur maze bay bridge toll plaza is light. if you're trying to get into san francisco and you are getting up early right now is a good time to do that. no problems getting into the city. >>> and also if you are driving in san jose that is off to a very nice start. northbound 280 and northbound 101 traffic is looking good. 4:37 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. good morning, everyone. well, well not too shabby of a system friday night. that one really delivered. the one that came in early sunday late saturday intense for awhile and that was it. the pattern stays to the north. we'll get a lot of clouds today. rain will be up north of mendocino county. so it's not going to be that cold. to some people it's chilly this time of year. mostly cloudy i think farther south better opportunity. better opportunity for a cloudy day. there is a lot up here. it will drag across lifting a little bit. it will sweep in here late t
was written down. >>> on breaking news, the westbound direction of 580 in oakland is a mess. all westbound lanes were closed for more than two hours. the chp began to reopen all lanes about 10 minutes ago. and all of this because of a shoot-out. there were two abandoned cars riddled with bullets near an exit. police think whoever was in them ran off. of course, we have traffic conditions 24/7 at >>> and then about a mile away, police were on the scene of another shooting in the neighborhood on seminary avenue at hilton street in oakland. police say a man was shot about 90 minutes ago and at this point we don't know if the two incidents are related. >>> and cbs 5 reporter christin ayers spent tonight in an oakland neighborhood and we've agreed not to reveal exactly which neighborhood except to say it's in oakland hills. the people there have come up with quite the crime-fighting tool and they don't want the bad guys to know about it. >> reporter: from the warning signs in this neighborhood to the security cameras, the message to would-be burglars is clear. you are being w
for another 20 minutes. westbound 4 harbor big rig on fire, smoking on the shoulder still a good ride out of antioch. injury accident in san jose on the almaden expressway. >>> another look at where the rain and the winds are coming up. >>> next, new effort to fight rising gang crime in the south bay. how police departments are teaming up. >>> controversial plan to make flying safer at san jose's airport is put on hold. the reason for >> good morning. we are looking at live doppler 7 hd showing a line of showers offshore this is the beginning edge of the cold front. it continues to push on to the bay area and with it, the gusty winds have been gusting over 26 miles an hour this morning. the wind advisory has been boasted through 11:00 this morning. you can see -- heavier cells toward sea ranch off the coast of bodega this will continue to move onshore throughout the morning hours. >>> wet weather this morning is worrisome to a community of northern californians, already hit by an earlier disaster. rain, flooding, even mudslides could devastate communites in plumus county an area charred b
. and it union city 880 southbound is jammed because of westbound 84 and eastbound 84. there is flooding. i'm 84 now is canyon road at palo mayor is just west of 680 a mudslide has completely shut down niles canyon road. do we stop on interstate 680 for a while. in the south bay there continue province for the guadalupe parkway northbound of flooding at taylor street and the lanes. that is backing of the ride northbound onto 280. 280 have been pretty heavy here headed towards the west valley. you can see it is jammed up coming through cupertino as well. earlier occuring problems at winchester and northbound at woodside have cleared from the alliance of 280. >> looks like a mess out there. mike pelton is giving us the deal and castro valley. we talk to last hour it was coming down pretty hard. has a lot of any at all since then? >> how say it was exactly as it was a half hour ago. is is pouring along castro valley boulevard. a lot of people are getting their morning started. traffic will increase slowly along castro valley road. you can see some of the runoff from the building that i'm standing b
looks free and clear in the eastbound lanes. otherwise drive times westbound 580, brake lights in livermore approaching vasco road. slow and go from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. the nimitz and westbound 24 through the caldecott tunnel so far look good. that is "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> one of the most contentious statewide issues in california is prop 30. governor brown's plan for temporaryta, hikes to reduce the state deficit -- temporary tax hikes to reduce the state's deficit. elissa harrington reports from the newsroom. >> reporter: this is one we'll follow closely because the fate of prop 30 is up in the air this morning. an "l.a. times" poll shows support at 46%. but it needs majority to pass. governor brown has spent the last few days making a final push traveling up and down the state holding rallies, visiting phone banks and reaching out through social media to try and get more votes. here he is in san francisco yesterday. >> keep the california dream alive. yes on 30. thanks! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: propositi
to the scene injuries are associated with the accident. we are picking up on westbound at no. livermore avenue and accident blocking the left hand lines. the reason i am concerned because this is one of the first spot to back up. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza find out oakland into the city. san mateo bridge looking good 12 minutes from and said in. south bound 101 a wedtech and the that the accidents coming out marin county james. >> thank you erica 418 is the time. police in mountain view expects to make more arrests after finding a drug laboratory in an apartment complex. police found heroin mess and marijuana. police also discovered the first lap of the bay area used to make the empty. it is an hallucinogenic growing in popularity. >> in the drug that another drug bust. in santa rosa and narcotics team se xi's more than 5 lbs. of marijuana and cocaine. >> in the east bay in antioch and man was shot to death in front of a home last night. the shooting happened around 8:30 p.m. in a home of around west 18th street a 44 year-old man died with a gunshot wound. an investigation is un
. good news between hayward and downtown oakland. milpitas commute this is a live look at westbound 237, 880, everything so far looking good this time of the morning. back to you guys. >>> two of the highest officers of the united states will be on capitol hill. susan mcginnis is in washington where lawmakers will be asking questions. the hearing is moving to capitol hill today where the scandal will take place. house intelligence leaders want to talk to acting cia director morrell to find out who knew what and when. >>> reporter: the sex scandal that brought down former cia director petraeus moves to capitol hill today. house intelligence leaders will ask fbi deputy director sean joyce and acting cia director michael morrell about the events that led to david petraeus's rester nation as head of the spy's significance. he left when news of his affair with paula broadwell became public. >> did you have any undercasion -- >> reporter: tampa socialite jill kelley received threatening e-mails linked to broadwell. kelley is connected to another general. america's top commander in afghanistan
section. that began westbound 80, chp saw a driver who was speeding, weaving and nearly hitting construction workers then on to 15th, that's the video, the vehicle being chased jeep suv, hit a parked vehicle which hit a person on a bicycle. the person on the bike seriously injured, you see the damage, the rider taken to the hospital. again, serious injuries the vehicle being chased was going the wrong way down 15th street. now look at video from 17th and south van ness a short time ago. the crash took out the signal box here making this intersection uncontrolled. the vehicle stopped there, also knocked part of a streetlight down. the driver of the jeep taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. we were told that the driver is being charged with dui, hit-and-run, evading a police pursuit. again out here at 17th and south van ness as traffic increases it is going to be more dangerous i've seen cars going through at 25, 30 miles an hour, shooting through this intersection. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> 5:03. in antioch police investigating fatal shooting at apartment complex a
, julian exit, traffic light, flowing nicely, no problems. westbound 4 harbor earlier big rig fire cleared. tow trucks trying get that out of there. slow traffic out of antioch westbound, 25 minutes from hillcrest towards concord and 242. a look at your waze app, peninsula is bay shore freeway raining there as you can see by our reporter here, traffic fairly moderate northbound into san francisco, reports of a car stopped on the shoulder 101 at brisbane this isç,d+ great app to help navigate especially as the storm gets underway free on apple's app store and google play >> to the coast now, katie marzullo continues our live storm watch coverage from the pacifica pier. we are able to hear the winds now, right? >> reporter: it has been the winds here all morning, a bit ago we saw our first raindrops i thought the wetness was here to stay it went away now back to the point where you confuse the sea spray with the very light rain but it is the wind that is whipping that moisture around and that is what has been most unsettling out here, recognizing the van back and forth. it is early, people
westbound 84 off the dumbarton at newark boulevard, southbound 680 mission accident, southbound 680 at 84 an accident tough drive all around the bay area this morning i am >>> -- this morning. >>> kira klapper live in los gatos. >> reporter: >> we can hear keira but we can see the story, the rain is coming down heavy, coming down side ways in the south bay they have lots of power outages 15,000 total around the bay area,, waking up without power are more than 4800 customers don't have electricity in san mateo county, nearly 4,000 in marin county. in santa clara county, 2500 customers tone have power, more than 1800 in napa county, there's the -- big ones massive tree fell across a busy road in mill valley this morning. >> between 2 a.m. on to miller avenue. we want to show you the big problem which is some of the lights out affecting the bridges in the area we are working to get more information on when this could be restored and what the cause might be. right now the bay bridge is dark. >> gives an eerie to those headlights. we have lots going on with accidents, power outages and rain. >
and started to form at the toll plaza for the westbound side. the metering lights have not yet been activated. the slow as traffic is still on interstate 580 and highway 4. the south bay peninsula is still pretty light with easy driving. >> as expected republicans still maintained control of the house of representatives. the voters want both parties to find common ground on issues such as repairing the economy. in the meantime democratdemocrats maintained the senate. democrats also put down republican challengers in virginia and ohio. if president obama will still be dealing with a divided congress. >> the governor proposition 38 has passed. it is temporary and it will be a tax increase on sales tax and an income tax increase for those making over to london and $50,000. he was trying to fill a budget in hiwhole in his budget. the biggest boat was at one of the wealthiest counties in the bay area. it was marin county who voted it 60%. the competing measure was prompt 38 and with down. it would guarantee that the money raised would have only gone to schools. the argument against prompt 38 was t
affect the streets nearby let's go westbound, there is no big backup, coming into san francisco, clear weather and i will let steve elaborate on that. that traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. 508, steve. >> yes, other locations are in the city, today we start off cold for some it will be mild for others and warm for everybody. a few high clouds, by the weekend cloudy skies rain is on the way, light rain starting friday heavy rain comes in sunday into mondayment we will top out tomorrow especially from half-moon bay, santa cruz, 60s and 70s you can see right where everything is going under a over. you get a lot of -- going up and over. you get a lot of those. also santa rosa, overall i know the days are very, very shot. i know it gets dark soon. eventually breeze means it is not too bad by the coast. the city is warmer than antioch and 73 and it could be some late rain friday and we will have warm rain on saturday, a cold system arrives sunday into monday but it is on its way. >> oh, boy. >>> a bay area neighborhood is known for its food, why san francisco is being told to ban
drove on to a closed on-ramp to westbound 80. a chp tried to pull her over. then she exited on mission and van ness and the chase began. she led officers through small streets in the mission and in that short time she hit one car that rolled forward and hit a cyclist. that cyclist was taken to san francisco general hospital is expected to be okay. but after that she continued on to hit another parked car that one we showed you when we first were here at the beginning of our shot before hitting another light pole at 17th and van ness knocking out the traffic lights in this area which are still currently out. now back out live you can see just that damage that the driver caused again, one of two parked cars that this female hit in the course of leading officers on that chase. again, also injuring a cyclist in the course of that. but again, that cyclist is expected to be okay. but when i spoke to a chp officer on the phone it's because another person was involved now she is facing some serious charges and he gave me those. she will be facing a felony dui, reckless evading including dui en
plan accordingly. westbound bay bridge the traffic is still at the speed limit. now at 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> breaking news we first told you about at 4:30. police in vallejo arresting a 14-year-old boy for a brutal attack on a 65-year-old woman. claudine wong is in vallejo with all the details of a kidnapping and attack and demand for ransom. >> reporter: let me show you where we are. we are at hidden broke parkway and interstate 80. there is not much here. there is a parking lot and an entrance to a subdivision. but we have come here because this is where the 65-year-old victim was found. she was duct taped. she was unconscious. but there is traffic through here and apparently some passer byes saw her and called for help. when police talked to her they learned she was a victim of an agree january and sexual assault in a kidnapping that started last night. she was found here after police say she was abducted by gunpoint in front of a store in a retail shopping center that is just a few miles away from where we are this morning. police say she was forced to drive to the
on our camera those flashing lights. that's all lanes blocked on westbound 580 approaching 680 near the dublin interchange. some traffic is able to squeeze by on the right-hand shoulder but we have seen backups since early this morning after this big rig accident happened. let's go to our maps for the drive time across the stretch more than 20 minutes. 23 minutes between the altamont pass and 680 but again that real bottleneck is through the dublin-pleasanton area. more reports of downtown wires downed trees in fact all lanes are blocked in both directions of 84 in woodside between grandview and 35. we have wind advisories on about every bridge in the bay area including across the golden gate bridge. you can see conditions are slick. and yeah we just got lots of reports of different spinouts, ponding in lanes and windy conditions, as well. you can see it a little earlier in our 880 camera. usually when the winds pick this up camera rocks back and forth. you can see it there. north- and southbound 880 so far at the limit. in the north bay where the rain has been falling the hardest c
time when the lance will reopen. dublin and pleasanton the 58680 interchange westbound direction is currently blocked because there is an off ramp lange the was created around that section. some cars are squeezing by. this is an overturned tractor trailer. you would imagine how long that would take to clear. yellow on your screen 10 minutes ago i saw red on your screen north bounds 680 approaching that scene. later on today we will see backups westbound 580 is already a tough commute. would not be surprised to see back up or delays in to tracy. we have a wind advisory at the car came this bridge drive with extra caution. no accidents at the bay bridge toll plaza not too many cars on the span pr. >> south bound 101 the golden gate bridge looks good. on the road with sensors i did see some red approaching the richmond san rafael bridge. i did not see any accidents, but again allow yourself extra . >> that weather causing power outages this morning erica. here are the numbers you receive from pg&e. thousands across the county would love this morning in the dark. in saratoga 2000 peo
toll, no metering lights few cars headed westbound on the upper deck into san francisco no delays on the incline or through the tunnel, 880 northbound and southbound cleared earlier accident at marina and tennison those are cleared, no problems there. eastbound 4 still with roadwork at loveridge, shutdown for about another 20 minutes, detoured off and on again at the on-ramp. let's look at your waze traffic app, 880 from hayward towards fremont with earlier problems no slow downs, reporter saying there's a car stopped on the shoulder, no delays if would you like to download this free app there at google play or the app store. >>> 5:11. >> police launch new crackdown on gangs. the neighborhood where officers say that i seen a jump in crime. >>> wounded deer rooming loose in the east bay. what wildlife workers want you to do if you spot it. >>> good morning. economic report don't get bigger than today's october employment numbers from the government. four days before the election both candidates are in battleground states and expected to seize on the results. a couple of other econo
look at our traffic center through antioch, westbound highway 4 at somersville, hearing about a crash. one lane is blocked and you can see slowing on our sensor. it's westbound and eastbound impacted so once you get past that antioch stretch, then things look better all the way out toward concord. back outside, a live look at one of the time saver traffic. this is, nimitz, these are heading northbound up toward high street and if you're heading further south toward milpitas, this is 237, and you can see that everything is brake light free. we have a severe traffic alert in effect. there are 3000 people without power in the santa cruz area. this was an injury crash, knocked a power pole down. that's why they're calling it a severe traffic alert, in ben loman all lanes blocked. everything reporting no delay including all b.a.r.t. lines heading toward downtown san francisco, muni caltrans and. >>> we have the mild temperatures approaching the coastline if you're heading out the door. mostly clear skies and a lot of sunshine coming our way. we have some 30s showing up in the superior vall
on 237 westbound and eastbound you can see traffic is moving along okay. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. our system is moving through. our observer mike 1.18 on the rain total. it looks like the back edge of that front is moving closer. there is splash and dash activity to the north. so not done yet. there is still plenty they don't have a lot upstream but there is still come. it looks like a lot of cloud cover, fog probably misty and drizzly. but still there is plenty to go here. you take a quick look here from marin county into san francisco and daly city and oakland. that is pretty steady. there are a few breaks in it. the rain is not that heavy. occasionally there is bursts to moderate to heavy. it looks like finally a back edge toward san mateo and into the santa cruz mountains. our system moving through but you can see there is still enhancement taking place. i think we're in for a cloudy day here and morning rain and tapering off to drizzly light rain. windy up in the hills. partial clearing later. partial clearing later. very mild. we're in the 50s right now to 60s. wouldn'
bridge and carquinez bridge. now if we take a live look at 580 westbound in pleasanton, we still have all lanes shut down. a big rig crashed spreading debris on the roadway. claudine wong will have an update at 5:30. also hearing reports of another big rig crash that went down the embankment. just near the altamont pass. we will keep an eye on that for you. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have traffic going in very nicely into san francisco. people going a little slower than usual. we do have a high wind advisory also in effect for the bay bridge. here's steve. >>> we have a little bit of good news. to the north things are lessening up a little bit. doesn't mean we are done. back over to the east bay. over to fremont union city. but there are some signs that things are lessening up a little bit. you can see here on the back edge of it and also into lake county things are quieting down. still pretty good rain as we talked about from antioch and highway 4. right over toward orinda and moraga. that looks like it's pushing east. also into black hawk and wrapping back around from union city an
in both directions on 580. the drive time in the commute direction westbound is about 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. 880 in oakland, headlights southbound. looks great down towards hayward, all the way down towards the san mateo bridge. no delay. otherwise in the south bay once again our live drive time sensors still picking up traffic moving at the limit not seeing any major overnight roadwork and your drive times are still in the green in the clear meaning top speeds. that's traffic. back to you guy [ applause and cheers ] >>> i am not ready to give up on the fight and i hope you aren't either, new hampshire. i hope you aren't, either. >> i need iowa! i need iowa so we can win the white house and take back america! >> well, it's almost over. president obama and mitt romney are making one final push as this is the final day of campaigning before the big election tomorrow. here's susan mcginnis with a look at where the campaign trail leads on this election eve. she joins us live from washington, d.c. i imagine you're ready to have it finished. >> reporte
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